August 2016
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Toyota Corolla

The 2016 Toyota Corolla presents you with some unique, happening styling and some tempting new features. The newest Corolla is putting together some up-to-date features with Toyota's unsurpassed dependability, making it the true standout of its class.

The latest Corolla interior design will have you nodding and internally saying, “Cool.” It has a great-looking dashboard with supple materials, stitched accents on some panels add to the upscale ambience. It presents a standard (LE and up) 6.1-inch touchscreen, optional smartphone-app integration, iPod/USB connectivity and Bluetooth.  The 3-spoke steering wheel, asymmetrical shifter and controls are user-friendly and compete with anything in class. The materials used in the interior of this Corolla are double-take-worthy eye-catching!

As well as the updates to the interior front of the cab, The 2016 Corolla's wheelbase is roughly 4 inches longer than its predecessor, translating into unprecedented legroom for rear passengers. For its class, it is rated as the most accommodating for passengers with back seat space comparable to the Camry.

The 2016 line includes a new Special Edition model that offers a few unique exterior revisions, bold colors and larger alloy wheels.  Other notable options include a sunroof and a driver-convenience package, which includes keyless entry and ignition, smartphone-app integration, satellite radio and a navigation system. Check with your Washington Auto Mall Toyota expert to see what’s available.

The Corolla has a reputation for having a stable, assured drive. The upgrades to the 2016 model probably bring the most athletic features to-date. The steering wheel has a sense of anticipated adventure in hand and signals a tight and responsive feel; handling is definitely sharper than in past years. The best way to get a sense of what the new Corolla can do is to take a test drive. Don’t make any assumptions until you’ve actually gotten behind the wheel, you’ll no doubt be pleasantly surprised! 

And don’t forget that Fabulous Fuel Economy!  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, fuel economy is 28 miles per gallon in the city and 37 mpg on the highway with the 6-speed manual transmission; 27 mpg city/36 mpg hwy with the 4-speed automatic transmission; 29 mpg city/38 mpg hwy with the Continuously Variable Automatic transmission (CVT). 

And looking to the future, the Corolla has consistently topped lists with unprecedented reliability – even when it’s a used vehicle that you’ve purchased. There’s no question that taking care of your Corolla will reap rewards when you’re ready to trade it in. There may be flashier small cars out there, but you can never go wrong with the spirited, economical, enjoyable Toyota Corolla! 

The 2016 Corolla is offered in four trim levels: L, LE, LE Eco and S.  To figure out which one will work for you, come in to Washington Auto Mall and talk to an expert!

Washington Auto Mall specializes in new HondaToyotaHyundaiScion, and has a wide selection of quality used vehicles and certified pre-owned vehicles. Located in Washington, PA. Serving Greater Pittsburgh, Canonsburg, Charleroi, McMurray and Waynesburg, Pennsylvania; and Morgantown and Wheeling, West Virginia.

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Honda Pilot

Some have said the Pilot is the epitome of a spacious and comfortable third-row SUV. Some have said the Pilot is the perfect non-minivan-van. Everyone says the Pilot is a refined and well-built SUV that truly shines in long distance travel. Whether you’re taking a day trip to our local covered bridges or skipping over the state line to take in the sites along the Ohio River, you cannot go wrong if you’re riding in your Pilot.

After a surprisingly long period of only minor changes, the Pilot was finally completely redesigned for 2016.  Styling is totally new, inside and out. The crossover adds a long list of new features and options, along with some powertrain updates.  It is looking and being reviewed as one of the best family-friendly third-row SUVs money can buy. 

Despite its large size, the 2016 Pilot managed to shed up to 300 pounds from the previous model years; much of that weight saving comes from an all-new 3.5 liter V-6 engine and available new 9-speed transmission. The Pilot's fuel-economy rating is excellent, coming in at 20 miles per gallon in the city and 27 mpg on the highway. Not much difference between that and a minivan - and you’re riding so much more stylishly. Drivers have even reported up to as high as 28.6 mpg on the interstate. 

 At speeds between 40 and 80 miles per hour the Pilot shines; quiet, smooth and equipped with refinement and quality similar to an Acura. The Pilot really gives a sense of being constructed with care and a sense of excellence just a notch above other third-row SUVs, it is a Honda after all.

Owners have been highly impressed with the Pilot's driving experience, praising virtually everything from the engine power to the ride quality and handling. You will find plenty of power under the hood without a lot of engine noise and with an impressive lack of body roll when going around corners. Though the interior has been the emphasis in this redesign, the styling of the exterior has drawn high marks.  The boxy look of previous iterations has been replaced by a more dynamic, modern appearance. On the outside, the new crossover is about 3.5 inches longer than previous models; the added space translates into more cargo room on the inside.

The first reaction when checking out the Pilot interior is that it feels like a nice minivan. That means spaciousness and comfort; the two things that matter most in a family SUV where you're looking to be riding for long periods of time. No better compliment for a car in this class.

The functional controls are handsome and rather upscale.  The control layout and the push-button transmission frees up room in the center console.  And, about that center console.  Honda calls it a Tech Locker, you can hide and store your purse, laptop, phone, and other devices. When it’s closed, the compartment acts as an awesome little shelf with easy access for the front passengers.

The numerous bins and holders on each door, up front, plus second- and third-row storage, make road trips clutter-free! Everything now has a place. Another of the nice new features is the push-button second-row seat, which allows easy access to the third row. So easy the kids can do it themselves, even the third row is easy to fold up and down.

With seating for up to 8 people, the five USB charging ports throughout the cabin will be sorely needed. There’s also a standard 110-volt household-style plug for even more power options.  And no one will have to fight for a cup holder with twice as many as seats.

Interior room is the one area where vans have typically held the advantage over SUVs, so the Pilot with its cavernous - and clever - interior space for both passengers and cargo eliminates that holdback. Where you might detect it falling a little short of the minivan is the absence of sliding doors and the lowered floor.  If that is a non-issue for you, then there is nothing to hold you back from making this vehicle your extraordinarily viable family-car alternative to a minivan.


As for warranty length, the Pilot offers 3 years or 36,000 miles of bumper-to-bumper coverage, along with 5 years or 60,000 miles of powertrain protection.

Washington Auto Mall specializes in new HondaToyotaHyundaiScion, and has a wide selection of quality used vehicles and certified pre-owned vehicles. Located in Washington, PA. Serving Greater Pittsburgh, Canonsburg, Charleroi, McMurray and Waynesburg, Pennsylvania; and Morgantown and Wheeling, West Virginia.

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Honda Civic

For the last 4 decades, the Honda Civic has been the perennial leader in its class and one of the most popular compact cars ever. With a reputation for affordability and then reliability, one couldn’t go wrong. The 2016 Civic appears to have set out to bring in the buyer who is not only looking for those qualities of affordability and dependability but also the one looking for excitement and style. The 2016 Honda Civic sedan combines beauty and brains, steadfast composure with a dash of muscle.

The 2016 changes seem to signify that Honda's innovative spirit has been revived. The styling presents hints of the Accord and Acura, but overall it is unique unto itself. The redesigned exterior is impressive with its dramatic roofline, chrome front and somewhat bold statement.

Going inside, you’ll find impressive touches like sporty leather seats more suited to a Lexus; heated rear seats and ample legroom complement the luxury. The restyled dash appears with a 7-inch color Driver Information Interface display compete with digital speedometer, analog tachometer, HondaLink smartphone integration, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SMS voice-to-text functionality and smartphone-app integration, including app-based navigation tools and other selectable information

The HondaLink system has been updated with improved response time and a brighter, more colorful interface.  And of particular note for some who’ve owned the Civic in the past, interior noise has been significantly tamped down. Driving around in the Coupe, like the Sedan, is now a more serene experience with very low levels of noise intruding into the cabin. Part of this is due to improved sound insulation and sealing, and part is due to a well-tuned chassis and suspension setup. Honda has used more high-strength steel in critical areas, which has a positive effect on body stiffness.

The new Civic has been praised for its peppy yet fuel-efficient engine. The nimble engine is particularly impressive in terms of its stingy fuel consumption. Some drivers have recorded near-hybrid fuel efficiency of 35.3 miles per gallon.

The ride and handling of the Civic is enjoyable at all speeds, highly maneuverable and smooth steering response, whether in the city, on the highway or winding back roads. With its compact size and deft quickness, drivers who like to weave through morning traffic reported feeling a sense of mastery over the creepers. The MacPherson strut front suspension and multilink rear deliver stable cornering and excellent road comportment. 16-inch alloy wheels are standard on the LX models, while 17-inch wheels come on the EX and Touring -- no more 15-in steel hoops for the Civic.

The 2016 Honda Civic comes standard with stability control, antilock disc brakes (many previous Civics came with rear drums), front side airbags, side curtain airbags and a rearview camera. Starting with the EX sedan trim, a right-side blind spot camera (LaneWatch) is also standard, as is the HondaLink system, which also includes emergency crash notification. On the Civic coupe, the blind-spot camera and HondaLink come standard on the Touring trim only.

When coupled with the more-than-satisfactory engine performance, the stellar fuel economy creates a more-than-compelling reason to get behind the wheel of the new Civic. There are several trims available and not all have the features described above, check in with your friendly dealer at Washington Auto Mall for all the details!

Washington Auto Mall specializes in new HondaToyotaHyundaiScion, and has a wide selection of quality used vehicles and certified pre-owned vehicles. Located in Washington, PA. Serving Greater Pittsburgh, Canonsburg, Charleroi, McMurray and Waynesburg, Pennsylvania; and Morgantown and Wheeling, West Virginia.

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Toyota Camry

For 2015 Camry design received a welcome “freshening” which gave the Camry a better visual appeal, exterior styling was significantly enhanced with more modern lines and a bolder look. You can’t say the Camry is looking plain anymore! The classic Camry roofline was retained, which gave the sedan a gracefully handsome new look without losing model recognition. The front end came in especially bold, with a wide opening below a thin upper grille, with accented upper trim levels and LED front lights.

A relatively wide track (the distance between the left and right wheels) makes the front end look broader. Nicely detailed, swept-back headlights have clear lenses. Body sides flow smoothly, separated by a sloping character line.

In 2016, Toyota Camry seems to be at the top of its game.  The 2016 models benefit from suspension tuning that offers more control, augmenting driving character without making changes to the traditionally smooth ride. At the lower speed ranges drivers can expect a responsive polish with confident control. Out on the highway, the stiffer spring settings control road harshness and absorb the impact of bumpy stretches; the Camry’s suspension rebounds with full control.

Along with body design changes last year, changes and upgrades were made to the interior too. We find better materials and a better-quality appearance along with a roomier cab. Seats are amply padded and contoured for adults. Toyota sculpted cutaways in the seats and interior panels to help provide more knee and leg room for passengers in both the front and rear. Because the Camry’s roofline has a gentler slope, tall adults can expect good rear headroom as well.

Quiet and comfortable, the interior has an organized, clean appearance and feels more spacious than the cabins of similar midsize sedans. Soft-touch surfaces are more numerous than in the past, which gives a sense of quality and solidity.  These surfaces are accented with contrasting stitching that enhances tactile and visual appeal.  In front of the gearshift plate a handy, enclosed bin has space for personal electronics items, with a USB port and a wireless charging pad. Gives that clutter we all now carry a place to live!

Camry excels at creating a quiet drive. First, keep outside noises outside. Using sound-imaging instruments, Toyota identified where road, wind and engine noise was entering the cabin. From there, they designed additional sound-absorbing methods and materials to help create Camry’s whisper-quiet ride.

The Camry comes with wheel mounted controls to keep convenience safely within reach. With steering wheel-mounted controls, it’s easier to adjust your audio system and Bluetooth 32-equipped mobile phone right from the steering wheel.

With Camry’s available Smart Key System, you can unlock the front doors and trunk, plus start your car with the push of a button.  It’s not even necessary to remove the key fob from your pocket or purse. Start it up and go.

We all know the Camry has the highest record of dependability and value; ride and handling have always scored highly. Performance is always agile, whether you take the four-cylinder or V6 engine. The sedan has the highest rating for family comfort. And now, with this new design, we can say the Camry can no longer be dismissed as conventional!


The result of all these positive changes has been strong sales that have helped the Camry retain its position as America's best-selling car. Come in to the Washington Auto Mall to get your questions answered and to take a test drive!

Washington Auto Mall specializes in new HondaToyotaHyundaiScion, and has a wide selection of quality used vehicles and certified pre-owned vehicles. Located in Washington, PA. Serving Greater Pittsburgh, Canonsburg, Charleroi, McMurray and Waynesburg, Pennsylvania; and Morgantown and Wheeling, West Virginia.

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