July 2017
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It can be hard to pick a dinner that pleases the whole family, especially when you’ve got some picky eaters at the table. However, there’s one food that seems to be universally loved by all: pizza.

When you need to come up with a quick dinner that will satisfy the whole family, stop by any one of these three pizza places in Washington, PA.

Carmella’s | Connect on Facebook

 Which pizza ingredient is the most important? For years (nay—dare we say centuries?) this question has been hotly debated among pizza lovers.

If you’re one of the folks that falls into the dough camp, then you’ll love Carmella’s. Their dough is made fresh daily with some of the finest ingredients in Washington—just like all their dishes.

  • That’s Amore: They have some truly unique pizzas here, such as the chicken artichoke with white sauce.

Osso’s Original Pizza | Connect on Facebook

Osso’s Original Pizza has been a Washington staple for years. By that, we mean since 1952. Since then, their name has become synonymous with pizza.

Of course, that’s not all the townies come in for. Their hoagies, hot sandwiches, and salads have really made a splash as well.

  • That’s Amore: A single piece of pepperoni comes on every Osso’s slice. Why not have it on the whole pie?

Upper Crust Italian Bistro | Connect on Facebook

If you’ve lived in Washington long, then you’re probably familiar with the historic “House with the Round Corner.” Well, that’s where you’ll find the Upper Crust Italian Bistro.

Their specialty is wood-fired brick-oven pizza, all freshly made. In their opinion, there’s nothing better than the smoky, charred taste the oven imparts. We’re inclined to agree!

  • That’s Amore: Their classic margherita is made all the more delicious by that brick oven.

Is It Dinner Time Yet?

Who would have ever thought that the simple combination of cheese, sauce, and dough could be this amazing? Fortunately, it’s prepared masterfully well at these three Washington, PA, pizza places. If you’re bringing these home, dinner is sure to be a hit!

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