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2014 Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner

What is the sound you hear? That is the suspension system of the Toyota 4Runner sending you SOS signals to come and rescue it before it's too late. The suspension system of a car is a vital component of the entire vehicle. Without the suspension system, the car wouldn't be stable resulting in higher risk of accidents. When the car bounces too much on uneven roads, there is trouble in the suspension. In actuality, it will be as if you are sitting in a go-kart or dodging car. This ôhow to blog will help you to identify some common problems associated with suspensions:

  1. Listen for a Vibration Drive – the 2001 Toyota 4Runner around the neighborhood putting emphasis on continually turning the wheel left and right. If a vibration is felt in the wheel, the wheel alignment or steering linkage located in the front of the car may need to be looked at. If the seat vibrates, the wheel bearing located in the back of the car needs to be checked out.
  2. Examine the Problem – Once the problem is detected, examine both ends of the vehicle without lifting it. If you want to lift it, park the car on a flat surface to provide it with proper support. Lift the vehicle in the presence of somebody else, as accidents in the past of a vehicle crashing down on a person have occurred. Therefore, use a jack and chock the wheels. After you have done that, push down on the hood of the car to check for stability. Now, get under the car to examine the problem.
  3. Diagnose the Problem – To diagnose the problem, grab and rotate the suspension parts such as the idler arm, the tie rod ends, and the Pittman arm, which are all parts of the steering linkage. For diagnosing the wheel bearings, tires, and bushing, take the wheels off the surface.
  4. Spin the Wheels – If the wheel is oddly shaped, replace the tires of the 4Runner. You can also wiggle the tire from side to side. If the tire exhibits signs of play, you have a bad tie rod end or dry wheel bearings. If no problems are detected through this basic inspection, let a mechanic examine it.

For more ôhow to tips, check our blog. We also have a huge selection of used cars at Washington Auto Mall in Washington, PA.

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